Ebook On How To Win Deposit Disputes Available NowDeposit Claim - How To Wind Deposit Protection Disputes Claim

If you are looking for advice on How To Win Deposit Disputes, this book has it all.

Written by me, it condenses all the advice I give to landlords on a daily basis into one book. It explains everything, from why the odds are stacked against the landlord and how to change them in your favour, to how to calculate the value of your claim and how to present your case to avoid the common pitfalls.

At just £12, it is by far and away the best value way to access my unique expert advice.



“It is one of those rare things that could literally save landlords thousands of pounds” Ben Reeve Lewis – The Home Saving Expert


“I would advise ALL landlords who are facing a tenancy deposit adjudication to read this book” Tessa Shepperson, solicitor and landlord and tenant specialist


How To Win Deposit Disputes is published by Your Law Store and is on sale now. Get your copy here

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