Negotiating a Settlement in a Deposit Protection Dispute

If, at the end of the tenancy, you and your tenant cannot agree over the distribution of the deposit, tempers can flare. Often relations break down entirely between landlord and tenant and both sides are reduced to communicating by increasingly acrimonious emails.
If your relationship with your ex-tenant is strained, you could be missing out on your best opportunity to resolve the matter quickly and painlessly.

You probably only have a short window to agree an amicable solution before you end up having to go through a long and stressful formal dispute resolution process.

It can be difficult, or impossible, to have a rational discussion with the tenant once the situation has become emotive, but help is available. We are able to negotiate with your ex-tenant on your behalf to try to resolve the situation before it is too late. You simply brief us on the substance of the dispute, and how much you are willing to settle for.
We have formal training in legal negotiation and are able to put your case in the best light while maintaining a detached, business relationship with the tenant. Here is what one of our recent clients had to say:

It was a great relief that you offered to negotiate with the tenants on my behalf. This saved me a lot of time and concern and resulted in a quick resolution.
Mr Vyas. Landlord
If you are struggling to deal with your ex-tenant, why not talk to us about negotiating with the tenant on your behalf.

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