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Deposit Protection Is A Nightmare For Landlords is the answer to frustrating deposit disputes. 

Tenants often leave a mess at the end of the tenancy for you to clear up or leave owing you money. That's what the security deposit is for, but now you have to go through a long and drawn out claim process to get any deposit money. You know those claims are stressful and difficult but did you know that landlords lose money in 92% of deposit protection claims?

Your chances of winning

Only 8% of claims are decided in the landlords favour!

The pie chart above shows the official figures released by the schemes on how likely you are to lose a deposit protection claim. According to the statistics, landlords lose all their money in 49% (basically half) of all the cases decided by the deposit protection schemes, and lose some of their claim in 43% of cases.

"Deposit Claim resolved my tenant/landlord dispute, and I was able to quickly recover all of the funds that were due. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone" Mitch Goldman

You Can Reverse The Odds

Landlords that use the Deposit Claim consultancy can turn the tables on dishonest tenants and make them pay to put the property back in good condition. Our statistics show that by using this method, you will be more likely to win everything you claim in a dispute than to lose a penny. Here is same pie chart again, but this time only showing results from landlords helped by Deposit Claim.

Your chances of winning with our help

As you can see, landlords that get help from Deposit Claim have better than turned the tables on tenants. Instead of a 8% chance of winning outright, landlord's using the Deposit Claim method of presenting their disputes win all the money in 67% of cases.

“I don’t think  I would have achieved full repayment without the advice you gave me. I would certainly recommend you to any landlord with a deposit dispute.” Carol Hook 



Poacher Turned Gamekeeper Tom Derrett - Deposit Protection Expert


Deposit Claim is run by Tom Derrett, a deposit protection adjudicator who was sick of seeing a system that was set up to protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords being misused by dishonest tenants. Tom is a highly trained, specialist lawyer who is engaged to advise on difficult, high value deposit claims, who has trained deposit protection adjudicators in how to decide cases and who has run a successful deposit protection consultancy for several years. Tom knows the legal workings of deposit protection dispute resolution inside out and understands exactly why the process is tilted in the tenant’s favour and the simple ways landlords can gain the advantage. 

“Tom knew exactly how to present my evidence in a concise and correct way, and the final judgement from the DPS was happily and correctly completely in my favour. My wife and I are extraordinarily grateful to you.'' Doug Moxon



What will you do for me?

 Tom, who also blogs on this site, has been involved in thousands of deposit protection claims and knows how to present your case to it’s best effect. You will receive advice on:

We will advise you how you can turn the tables in your favour

We will explain what you can claim for and how much you are likely to get

We will help you gather the evidence you need to be sure of winning

We will fill in the difficult forms and write your statements

We will present your evidence in the right format

We will respond to the tenant's evidence

 “I can't thank you enough for helping me recover not only the deposit but the extra costs in damages caused by my previous tenants. Your prompt professional service was exactly what was needed and I would highly recommend to anybody who has had difficult tenants.” Mr M Akers 

Can you afford not to?

Losing a deposit dispute means losing hundreds, if not thousands of pounds, and going through a long stressful legal process for nothing. With our help, you can beat the tenant and get the result you deserve.

“Thank you for your help. Your advice was clear and it was exactly what I needed to put together the right documentation.” Parag Vyas


How Do I Know It’s For Me?

Deposit Claim will help you claim for damage, cleaning, repairs and rent arrears or anything else. If you're making a claim on a security deposit, or involved in a dispute about deposit protection. We are here to help you. Call us now.

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